Great Wolf Lodge with Toddlers

We just got back from a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC and we can’t stop talking about it!!  All of us had the best time!!


We left early Monday morning for the hotel, I got a text from my “personal assistant” at the Great Wolf Lodge telling me our room was ready and it was only 10am! #score.  We immediately checked in…I was really happy with our room, we stayed in a Family Suite! It was immaculate and SOOO large! The kids basically had their own room.


We put on our swimsuits and headed towards the fun!! I should mention, the centerpiece attraction at every Great Wolf Lodge (there are 17 of them across the country) is the massive indoor water park featuring water- filled fun for every member of the family…thrilling water slides to zero depth entry toddler water play areas. Outside of the water park, they also have the Great Wolf Adventure Park which is a family entertainment center with ropes course, mini golf, family bowling, arcade games, and MagiQuest (an adventure game for kiddos a little older than mine). They also host fun events in the lobby such as story time, bingo, character appearances and dance parties!

We ate lunch by the pool and then spent the next 3 hours swimming!!


I’m not sure I’ve ever heard the kids laugh so much! They are such water bugs.IMG_2064

Camden could have spent his entire weekend on this jet ski, getting everyone wet.


He yelled as he was turning it, he was trying to scare people. When he got someone wet, he’d let out the loudest laugh ever.

We spent most of our time in the toddler area because it was enclosed and it was the perfect set up for us!  I know a lot of people are hesitant to travel with toddlers but Great Wolf Lodge is the perfect set up for families with kids of all ages.  They put a lot of thought into entertainment and safety.IMG_1979


Judd and I took turns a couple of times, one of us would watch the kiddos and the other one would go ride the slides!  They have such fun slides.  Our favorite was the Tornado!

We ended the afternoon in the wave pool.  Ella started to fall asleep on my lap so we realized nap time was needed!  IMG_2091IMG_2146IMG_2120After a quick bath, these two passed out instantly!


After naps, we put our swim suits back on and got a large pizza to share! I love how easy the food options are at this place, perfect for families with kids! They also have nice restaurants where you can sit down and order but we were so busy having fun that we decided not to try those places.


I should also mention, we got these Pup Passes which include a bundle of things for the kids. They were awesome, each kiddo got: a cup of candy to pick out at the candy shop, passes to Build a Bear, arcade money, and one scoop of ice-cream.  They also have versions for older kids that looked so fun!  I highly recommend these passes!


Then it was back to the pool!


Ella was hysterical! She would just stand in the front of the line, block it for everyone else, and talk and talk. Thankfully the toddlers were also very talkative and didn’t seem to mind my chatterbox daughter.


She made a new friend which soon became a friend of of Camden’s too (I asked her mama if I could post these pictures). 🙂


We stayed until closing time, 8 pm!  We decided the kids were going to stay past their bedtime tonight (this rarely ever happens) because we were having such a good time!IMG_E1919IMG_E1937

We showered and went to the arcade to let them play a few games.IMG_2254

We finished the night with ice-cream and story time in the lobby!IMG_2243IMG_2251

The next morning, we got Dunkin Donuts for breakfast in the lobby and then we headed to Build-A-Bear.


They loved picking out and stuffing their new stuffed animal.IMG_2280

We got ice-cream once more because why not?


Sadly, it was time to head back!

We are already planning our next trip here which might be this summer because From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, all 17 resorts started a new a new program called Summer Camp-In.  This will be nonstop with pool parties, character appearances, games, music, feasting on flame-grilled barbecue “camp cuisine” and more.  It looks like a blast!!

A huge thanks to Great Wolf Lodge for hosting us! We had the best time!

We did make one stop in downtown Charlotte on our way home at the Discovery Place Science.  It was a fun place to spend a couple of hours!IMG_2296IMG_2299IMG_2302IMG_2303

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