Holidays 2018

Does anyone else feel like October-December just flies by? I swear we were just planning their Halloween costumes and now were putting away Christmas decorations! sigh. Sorry for the long post, next year I’m going to do better at blogging on a regular basis! 🙂


Just thought I’d share some pictures from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

Camden and Ella were Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm this year for Halloween!  How cute are they?


For Thanksgiving, we stayed home but thankfully my parents were able to come stay with us.IMG_4608IMG_4630IMG_4583IMG_4602IMG_4646

We went and saw Santa…I thought it was going to be craziness but the kids did fabulous!IMG_5195IMG_5213IMG_5214IMG_5179IMG_5181IMG_5186

We went shopping downtown! It was so cool that we could shop outside in the middle of winter! #IloveCharelston


We spent a lot of time in our Christmas pajamas because why not?IMG_4879IMG_4803IMG_4845IMG_4843

We ate a bunch of cookies and decided which kind to leave out for Santa.IMG_5403.jpg

The week before Christmas, Pappy (Judd’s dad) came and stayed with us!  We had a great time celebrating Christmas with him and showing him our new city.


After Pappy left, my parents came to celebrate with us. We celebrated Christmas a day late because Judd had to work.  I was worried it would feel weird but it didn’t!

My mom made Italian for Christmas Eve (our tradition) and we opened stockings.IMG_5928IMG_5937IMG_5919IMG_5921IMG_5925IMG_5922IMG_5959IMG_5926IMG_5931IMG_5933IMG_5945IMG_5946IMG_5966

We read Christmas books…IMG_5997IMG_5998

And we looked for Santa… 😉


The next morning we opened presents! It was so fun seeing the kiddos so excited!IMG_5992.jpgIMG_6109.JPG


My dad (Camden and Ella call him Grumps) made his annual Christmas breakfast- donuts!IMG_6083IMG_6086IMG_6105

We went to the beach in the afternoon and then had seafood for dinner!IMG_6143IMG_6146IMG_6147IMG_6148IMG_6151IMG_6153IMG_6154IMG_6156IMG_6158IMG_6159IMG_6160

We spent the evening and the following days hanging out at home! IMG_6234IMG_5870IMG_5877IMG_5887IMG_5897IMG_5902IMG_5903IMG_5909IMG_6230IMG_6244IMG_6263IMG_6269

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!!  We miss our family and friends back in the midwest, we hope to see you all this summer!  Thanks for following our family blog! ❤

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