Decorating with Photos from Mpix

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” –Dorothea Lange  IMG_5144 2

I don’t know about y’all but photography makes me happy! That’s probably a big reason why I love Instagram and blogging.  If you walk through my home, I feel you’d get a good sense of what we’re like as a family… we’re family oriented, we love each other big, and we love to travel… how would you get a good sense of this?  I have photos throughout our home that bring back some wonderful memories whether that be our wedding, traveling around the world, or just a moment I captured of my kids doing something adorable. I change photos out or move them around every 6 months or so just because my kids are growing so fast and it adds a little change to our home.

I get asked frequently where I print our photos and I always have the same answer because I always use the same company to print all of our framed photos, canvases, and photo gifts for others…Mpix!  A photographer recommended them to me when we were engaged and I’ve used them ever since. In the dozens and dozens of times I’ve used Mpix, every single time I am in awe when our order comes in the mail. The premium quality cannot be beat, the customer service is super helpful, shipping is always FAST, and it’s very reasonably priced.  I cannot recommend them enough!!  One reason their quality is so good is they have expert color gurus that check every photograph to make sure it’s printed with exceptional color.

I thought I’d share some photos of photo projects where I used Mpix.

I love this photo collage, I used all black and white photos from Mpix.  It’s simple, classic, and brings back so many memories.IMG_5104IMG_5137 2

This is the biggest print in our house which is in our living room.  It’s a 16×20 and the quality is INCREDIBLE.img_5089-2.jpeg

Small frames in our guest room… I love to have pictures of family and friends in here so when we have guests, they feel at home.img_5091-2.jpeg

Hallway in the upstairs kid’s area…img_5095-2.jpeg

A couple random photos in our room…IMG_5129IMG_5093 2

Most photos in our house have a person in them but I do have a few of places we’ve been with no people in them.  This is Santorini, Greece.  It goes perfectly in our bedroom.img_5094-2.jpeg

This is Camden and Ella’s bathroom.  I use these canvases so they will know whose towel is whose. Isn’t this adorable?IMG_5096 2

Kid’s playroom canvases… I will probably change these out within the next year because look how tiny they are. 🙂IMG_5098 4

These drawings weren’t from Mpix but I could easily change these out in the future and it would be a beautiful collage.IMG_9407 2

One more photo for you of my tiny little newborns!  Why couldn’t they stay small like this for a little longer?  Sigh.IMG_5148 3

Did you notice the quality in these prints?  So pretty, right?  If you haven’t checked out Mpix, you need to! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

“Preserve your past. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.” -Mpix. Thanks to Mpix for sponsoring this post!

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