Winter Favorites 2018

A few months ago, I shared my Fall Favorites and today I’m sharing my Winter Favorites! I’m sharing a bunch of randomness from Christmas items to a new dress to my favorite mascara… 🙂

  1. Lazy One Matching Pajamas– I am going to always be that mom that gets the family matching Christmas pajamas every year! #sorrynotsorry This year we got our pajamas from LazyOne and plan to get them from here again in the future. The designs are so fun and they are super comfortable.IMG_4843IMG_4803IMG_4845IMG_4879
  2. Personalized Children’s Books from Hooray Heroes- Reading to Camden and Ella is one of my most favorite things. I found these personalized children’s books that are perfect! My kids love these and they have several stories in each book so I don’t get tired of reading the same stories over and over.IMG_4690IMG_4699
  3. Picasso Tiles– I thought this looked like a fun and educational toy for my kiddos but I was worried it might be a little too young for them.  I was wrong, they LOVE It at 20 months.  Ella loves building tall towers and Camden loves making designs and looking through the pieces at all the different colors.  Actually, my husband and my dad played with these for over a hour when they arrived at our house.  It’s one of those toys that I think our kids will play with for years and years!IMG_4722
  4. Upright Go– I’ve never had the best posture, I blame being a competitive swimmer, it’s always been something that I’ve worked on but I noticed my back has been hurting a lot lately from picking up and carrying my kiddos so I decided to try this little device and its done wonders! It lets me know when I’m not standing in a good position and also tracks everything on my phone.IMG_4938
  5. Dress with Sleeves– I wore this for our family pictures and my Instagram messages exploded asking where this was from!It’s from Amazon! I love the way it looks and it is so comfortable! I’m wearing a small.THP_8098.jpg
  6. Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse– I naturally have fair skin but I also tan very easily. During winter, I always feel pale so I put on this self-tanner about once a week and it does wonders.  This is the first self-tanner I have found that goes on smoothly, doesn’t smell, and best of all it doesn’t turn your sheets brown, it’s clear!  Amazon doesn’t carry it yet so I buy it at Ulta. IMG_4750
  7. Thread Tank Pineapple Shirt– I’m all about comfortable t-shirts, I wear these almost daily at home.  A lot of my shirts are from Thread Tank including this one because they are cute and super comfortable.  Being a part of the #ttcsisterhood for years, I grew to love pineapples and this shirt makes me think of all the friends I made during my journey to motherhood.IMG_4795.jpg
  8. Better Than Sex Mascara– My mom got me hooked on this mascara! It’s dark and thick and makes your eyelashes really pop. 🙂IMG_4752
  9. Wood Wall Art Sign– I have been asked a million times where this is from so I thought I’d share! It’s one of my favorite things in our home.IMG_4751.jpg
  10. Ring Doorbell– We got this for our house and I have to admit at first, I was a little skeptical. We use this daily to see who is at our door before I answer it and we can also see who was at our door when we aren’t home.  We absolutely love this and it’s worth every penny!483173-ring-pro

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