Push Pin Travel Maps

IMG_2522If you’ve been following my blog for years or for even a month, it’s no secret that my husband and I have a passion for traveling.  We’ve been to 40 countries so far and hope that number increases every year. We wanted to find a way to document and display all of our travels but we’re not people who collects trinkets or souvenirs from our trips, we like simplicity in our home and not clutter.

Around 6 years ago, I found a company that created the perfect product to show all of our travels… Push Pin Travel Maps.  The map I have is a map of the world and you can “pin” all the places you’ve been! It’s beautiful and such a fun way to display your travels.


This is actually our second map.  Our first map we had for 5 years but when we moved, the colors didn’t go with our new study.  Luckily, they have a newer map out that matched our room perfectly.  This one is a tiny bit bigger than our first one and the map itself is a premium canvas map.IMG_2515How cute is my dog posing?  I’m not finished decorating my study but I’m slowly getting there!IMG_2517

On the canvas maps, they personalize the maps directly on the map itself. IMG_2428

This is by far one of our favorite things in our home!  Every time we get home from a trip, we can’t wait to place a pin in the new country or city that we just explored!  Not only is it pretty but it shows so much of “our story”.  It also makes us look forward to the future because we have such big travel plans and dreams for the future…

Our North and South America pins…IMG_2429

Our Europe, Africa, and Asia pins…IMG_2430I can’t wait until our kids are old enough to understand the map and can help us pick new destinations and help us place pins on our map.  I know they will think it’s really fun!

The world is so big and so beautiful, where to go to next?IMG_2520

Thanks to Push Pin Travel Maps for coming up with such an awesome product that reminds us every day of our past adventures and future travels!  You can read about some of our past adventures here.

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