Frame My Mirror and Master Bath Reveal

I had so much fun designing our master bath in our new home but soon after moving in I realized something was missing… mirror frames!  My husband could build these for us but it would take a lot of work and we don’t have a lot of free time right now.  After doing some research I found a great company called Frame My Mirror that had tons of beautiful designs for a very reasonable price!  I decided to give them a try and I’m so happy I did.  Not only were they easy to install (I’ll share the process below) but my bathroom looks AMAZING!!

Isn’t it pretty? I LOVE our bathroom!image

IMG_2088 2IMG_1785 2Now for the before pictures… Still pretty but just missing something…IMG_1708IMG_1716IMG_1714IMG_1712

What a difference, huh? Isn’t it crazy how much of a difference two frames can make?

My husband and I enjoyed this process, it was easy and fast!

  1. You pick the frames you want, measure your current mirror, and then order the frames. The website makes it really easy!  I chose the Hudson Reverse Nickel. It is a beautiful silver frame with a tiny tint of gold.  It’s GORGEOUS! IMG_2096
  2. Within a few days I had our frames and they were ready to install! You need to gather all the materials that were sent, a rag, a hammer, and rubbing alcohol.
  3. Lay your frame face down on a soft surface to protect the finish (we put them on carpet).IMG_1721
  4. Apply the glue to one of the two corner pieces. Insert the assembly wedge into the corner pieces. Join the two corners together while making sure to hold the frame pieces level. You can also use a hammer gently to help with this.IMG_1724IMG_1726
  5. When you’re done with your corner, use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess glue.
  6. Repeat the process for the remaining three corners.IMG_1727
  7. Allow the frame(s) to rest for at least 3 hours before putting on the actual mirror.
  8. If your mirror is held in place by plastic mirror clips, you can then replace them with the flat metal clips included.
  9. Before installing your frame(s), you’ll want to hold it up against the mirror to make sure everything looks right.IMG_1778
  10. Clean the mirror with rubbing alcohol and make sure it’s dry.
  11. Remove the protective backing from the double-sided tape on the back of the frame.
  12. Align the frame where it goes on the mirror and apply pressure and press onto the mirror.IMG_1781
  13. Enjoy your new frame(s)!!!IMG_1789 2IMG_2088IMG_2085IMG_2094IMG_2101IMG_2089IMG_2095

We are going to be adding these to our three other bathrooms next!  Make sure to check out Frame My Mirror, you won’t regret adding these to your bathroom!

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