At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

I’m not the type of girl who obsesses over hair and makeup but what I do care a lot about is my smile.  I’ve tried several things from teeth whitening strips (didn’t work well and messy) to gel you get at the dentist (they always made my teeth white but they also made my teeth so sensitive)!


I was pretty pumped when Smile Brilliant reached out to see if I’d like to try their custom teeth whitening system. I researched the company and the ingredients they use and decided it was worth a try!

The Process

I’m not going to walk through the entire process for you because the kit includes detailed instructions but here is the general process.IMG_8079

  1. Make the impressions.  This part was actually kind of fun, my husband even enjoyed watching me do this.  You receive 3 sets of catalyst + base paste. You will only need two sets, but they include and extra in case you mess up. You will mix them up, according to directions, until you form a bright blue paste.  Once you have your paste, you press it into your molds and follow the instructions for creating your impressions.IMG_8082.jpg
  2. Mail the impressions. After the impressions have hardened, you simply place them in the provided envelope and mail them off!  Easy, right?
  3. Time to whiten! Once you receive your trays in the mail (the company is very fast at this) you’re ready to whiten! You receive 4 syringes each of the whitening + desensitizing gel. I got 4 treatments out of one syringe (I also have a tiny mouth), these will last me a while. You brush and floss your teeth and then put the Whitening Gel in the trays.  I did this treatment for 60 minutes (they recommend 60-90 minutes) and they recommend doing this for 7-14 times the first time you do this, depending on the amount of staining.IMG_1275 2IMG_1513
  4. Desensitizing gel.  After you’re done with the whitening, you immediately brush your teeth (pat them dry) and then put the desensitizing gel in for 15 minutes.  You don’t brush your teeth or eat/ drink for a while afterwards, this ensures the gel gets into your teeth/gums.

The Results

I did this treatment 8 times. I knew it was working but I didn’t realize how much until my mom made several comments about how white my teeth were, I actually went to the dentist and the first thing she said was, “wow, your teeth are really white”, and I had 2 people message me on Instagram asking me what toothpaste I use (this made me lol).cropped-img_0977

Here’s my before and after —I hate even showing you this because it’s really hard to take pictures of your teeth.  I took these pictures at different houses so the lighting was completely different. My teeth were pretty white to begin with; however, my teeth are definitely whiter (picture doesn’t really justify how much) and a lot brighter now.


What I Loved:

  • You get to make the impressions at home and then they ship you your trays, very convenient and like I said above, fun!IMG_1274
  • This process takes longer than other systems that I’ve tried, but it delivers permanent results because it lifts the stains, rather than just whitening the surface
  • My teeth aren’t sensitive when using these because it includes a sensitivity treatment
  • EASY to use!  I made dinner, I cleaned, or just relaxed while wearing the trays.IMG_1514IMG_1265 2
  • I 100% believe it’s worth the cost (which isn’t much at all) —as you’ll have the trays forever and just need to get more whitening gel

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