Fall Favorites 2018

Today, I’m sharing my favorite fall products!  This is a bunch of randomness from beauty products to jewelry to items for the home.  These are things that I’ve either been using for a while or items that I’ve recently discovered and are too good to not share.

Note: If you click the highlighted product, it will take you to the website for the product. 🙂

Sleeveless Embroidered Top– I don’t have much time to go shopping in person lately so I buy most of my stuff online and hope its cute in person and fits.  I realize this is something you’d usually wear in the summer but I figured I might as well share it in case they don’t sell it next year.  Isn’t it so adorable?  Note: I did cut off the pom poms, they were a bit much for me.  I’m wearing a Medium, I read that it ran small so I sized up.


Tiny Tags Necklace–  I am very picky and very simple with jewelry.  I wear this almost every day now, it’s so simple, so personal and so beautiful!IMG_0051IMG_0024IMG_0977.jpg

VIVAIODAYS Products–  After dealing with infertility, I’m very particular about the products that I use on my kids.  I love VIVAIODAYS, the products contain organic ingredients and they are AMAZING! Also, for every VIVAIODAYS Baby & Kid Care product sold, A SCHOOL DAY is funded for a child somewhere in the world.  How cool is that? I’ve tried the Olive Oil All Purpose Rescue Balm Gel and Tumeric Broad Spectrum Sunscreen so far and loved both!!IMG_0377 2IMG_0799IMG_0855

SwimSuit– After a few incidents with my crazy toddlers, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t wear bikinis for awhile… my kids pull everything down (sigh).  I found this adorable and comfortable one piece at Target and I love it! It’s still HOT in South Carolina so I will be wearing swim suits for a while longer. I’m wearing a Small.IMG_0968.jpg

Deebot Robot Vacuum- The downstairs at our new house is all wood floor and is a PAIN to keep clean.  This little robot vacuum has been life changing.  I have it set to automatically run every day and it does an amazing job!  We actually love it so much that we named it, Spot.  The kids point and say “Spot” now. ;-). It took about 30 minutes for my dog and cat to get used to this.IMG_0211IMG_0280IMG_0439

High Chair Floor Mats–  My toddlers LOVE throwing food on the floor (sigh).  Even though our dog, London or I get all of the food off the floor, I felt our floors were always sticky.  I found these mats on Amazon… they are clear so I can still see our floor but I don’t have to worry as much about them ruining the wood floors.  There are a lot of under the high chair mats but they are all bright and have crazy patterns, ugh!  To clean these, I just take a swifter and wipe it up or if it’s really bad, you can take it outside and hose it off… so easy!!IMG_0360

Dining Room Chandelier– I could share a million home décor products with you since we just moved into our new house… but, I think I will save a home tour for another post.  However, I have to share our dining room light with you.  It’s breathtaking!  Everyone that walks in compliments it so I thought I’d share.  Note: Don’t judge my pictures, we just moved in and haven’t finished decorating. 😉



Soap Dispensers– I was so tired of always trying to find soap that matches each room.  I found these on Amazon and now all I have to do is fill it up with soap. They are beautiful and look perfect in every bathroom and kitchen!!IMG_0680 2IMG_0682 2IMG_0679 2

Foot Peel– I posted this on Insta Stories but this is something I started doing every 2-3 months and it makes my feet SO soft.  You wear these for 60-90 minutes (you will look pretty ridiculous, just a warning 😉 ) and then rinse off your feet with soap and water.  You won’t notice anything for 3-7 days but then your skin starts peeling off and the skin underneath is incredibly soft!img_0785-2.jpg

Swing Pocket Dress- Wearing dresses are my favorite thing lately! They look feminine and cute but I can still chase my two toddlers around with no problems.  This one is adorable, really comfortable, and has pockets!  I’m wearing a Small.IMG_0973.jpg

I hope you enjoyed my fall favorites! In a few months, I will share my winter favorites!

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