For about a year, it seemed like I was constantly going out to buy diapers… having two babies, we went through a lot of diapers! I recently discovered, a Diaper Subscription company that delivers diapers directly to your door!  I am excited to share with you my experience with  Not only has it made my life easier (yay for less errands) but it’s a great gift to give moms and soon to be moms. I mean, who doesn’t need diapers? It’s a foolproof baby gift!

IMG_7987 2

The ordering process is super easy!

1.) You go to the Diaper Bundle Subscription page and then select a diaper subscription length: 3, 6, 9 or 12-months!

2.) In about a week (or less) you will receive an Announcement Package in the mail.  The beautiful Announcement Package includes an adorable plush teddy bear (see picture below, Ella loves it!), a sturdy and adorable toy box, and a certificate announcing the gift.

IMG_7907 2IMG_7975 2IMG_7987 2This certificate includes a unique code which you or the person you’re gifting uses to redeem the diapers. Note: if you’re giving this as a gift, you can send this Announcement Package directly to your recipient or to you to present it.

3.) The final step, you or the recipient redeems the diapers online. It’s so easy, you use the code on the certificate, then you choose the brand and size of diapers. The brands they offer are: Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, and Member’s Mark.

diaper sub-how it works-4

The diapers are then delivered straight to your (or the recipient’s) door! How easy is that? Whenever you need a new month’s worth in the future, you just login and select the brand and size.

Also, make sure to check out my Instagram (@mytwinmomadventures)!  I’m giving away a 3-month diaper subscription!!

3-month diaper subscription gift

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