Life Lately- May 2018

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I’ve done a Life Lately post! Where has time gone?

Life has been fabulous but hectic!  I told Judd just yesterday how blessed I feel and that I’ve never been happier, I truly mean that.  Here is a short snippet of what we’ve been up to in the past 6 months…

It took me some time to get used to being a stay-at-home-mom but I will say it’s the best decision Judd and I ever made!  I felt guilty for a while because I went to school for so long and worked so hard at my job.  However,  Judd reminded me that I have my entire life to go back to work and make money, our kids are only little for such a short time! Spending my days with them is the best job ever and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



The kiddos celebrated their first Thanksgiving with both sides of the family…


Aren’t their outfits so cute?  Finding matching boy/girl clothes is harder than you’d ever imagine!


Judd and I took a much needed vacation! You can read about that here..


They met Santa…


We celebrated Christmas, it was actually the first (and our only) Christmas celebrated in our first house! We usually celebrate in Dayton.


We soon found out that we’re moving to Charleston, SC! Woohoo!!


Judd and I flew to Charleston to check out the area and interview builders. We fell in love with one neighborhood and builder. This is our future home site!


We spent a lot of time picking out every detail for our dream home!  Building a home is a lot of work but it’s been a great experience for us!  I’ve always had a passion for decorating and designing, so this has been a dream come true for me! I can’t wait to see everything come together!


Camden and Ella turned one!! I still can’t believe how fast their first year went!  They are both so beautiful, smart, funny, fun, kind, loving… I could go on and on! Basically, we feel like the luckiest parents alive!

IMG_28571-59264592641-5923159231It’s our birthday, we can cry if we want to!IMG_2858

We celebrated their first birthday with a Pirate/Mermaid party!  It was the cutest little party.  You can find more pictures here.IMG_3467

Woohoo for surviving our first year as twin parents! I know our kids will go through stages but I know nothing will be the same as the first year!  Feeding preemie twins every 3 hours, driving across the state for work every week, and a million “firsts”! But…we did it!  I love you, Judd!IMG_3568

Sadly, in March my Grandma Burns passed away.1901292_10202963115384813_6562592336227462628_n

I was with her when she took her last breath.  I really miss her but I just keep picturing how happy she must be with my Grandpa and Uncle Chuck in heaven.IMG_4309

It was a LONG winter in northern Ohio!  We definitely had weeks where we all had cabin fever BADLY! IMG_1894IMG_1652IMG_5098IMG_2171

We had a few play dates…IMG_3870

We had family visit..IMG_3937IMG_2643IMG_5048

We took a fabulous first “international” trip to Canada.  Here we visited a water park and indoor kids playground.  We had the BEST time!IMG_5363 2IMG_5404 2IMG_5373 2IMG_5355IMG_5255 2

Our first house went on the market!IMG_4591

It sold within 48 hours (for FULL ASK), thanks St. Joesph! IMG_5432

Last weekend, we went to visit family in Grove City.  We loved spending the weekend with our family!IMG_6035IMG_5976IMG_6045We also celebrated Mother’s Day! A big thanks to my mom who has been watching our cat (and soon to be dog) while we are in the process of moving! IMG_6090IMG_5542

The weather has been incredible the past month or so. We’ve been taking advantage of it and playing outside as much as possible!IMG_5797IMG_5885IMG_5533


Judd and I celebrate 6 years of marriage this week and I turn 30 in a couple weeks! I didn’t think life could get any better but every day does, I am so thankful to be doing life with my best friend and our two perfect toddlers!IMG_6137

Isn’t she just the sweetest?  This girl has a heart of gold!IMG_6176

This little mommy’s boy just makes me melt… ❤ IMG_5619

These two energetic toddlers keep us busy 24/7.  Aren’t they the cutest?IMG_5934IMG_5134

We are currently packing up our house to move across the country!  The move will be happening very soon! We are SO excited to raise our kiddos in such a beautiful city but it’s going to be a big adjustment for all of us! Ohio has been home for Judd and I for 30+ years!

The next Life Lately post will be once were in Charleston!





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