Top 10 Must Haves for Babies 3-6 Months


A few months ago, I posted My Top 10 Must Haves for Babies 0-3 .  Today, I’m going to share my recommendations for 3-6 months.  We still use most of the items from my last post but we started using a lot of new items too!  I thought we had a lot of baby items laying all around our house but my gosh, I was in for a treat… my house that people often said looked like a “model home” now has baby items everywhere!  During months 3-6, babies need a lot more entertainment and their ways of sleeping usually need to change.

  1. Magic Sleepsuits– I was really worried when my kiddos started rolling because I knew it was time to transition from the swaddles (they slept so well in these). However, thanks to the Magic Sleepsuit, I had no reason to be worried! My kiddos slept better in these than the swaddles, we’re talking 12+ hours a night at 3 months!  I swear by these sleepsuits!!
  2. Bandana Bibs– My son started drooling like crazy (teething) at 3 months. He was going through about 10-12 bandanas daily and he still always felt “wet” on his neck and chest.  Eventually, I found Kiddy Star bandanas and fell in love.  They are organic and even if they are soaked on the outside, the layers keep him dry!  I now use about 4-5 a day and they are a lifesaver!  Best of all, my son’s neck and chest is NEVER wet.
  3. Wubanubs– We love Wubabubs in our home! We have several of these in different places of our home because my kiddos are always wanting one! They are easy for babies to play with and put in their mouth. Not to mention, they are soothing for babies.
  4. Play Rocker– We used this all the time, it kept my kids entertained and sometimes they even preferred to take a nap in it.
  5. Zany Zoo– Talk about the best toy EVER! As soon as my kiddos could sit, they’d play with this toy for hours and then they would use it to help them stand. I see them using it for a long time!!
  6. Twin Z Pillow– Perfect for tandem feeding or just holding your twins! The cover comes right off and you can throw it in the washer.
  7. Twin Go Carrier– For twins this is the perfect carrier! It makes your life so much easier. You can use this to wear your babies tandem, one at a time, or you and your spouse can each wear a baby!
  8. Mobiles– At this age, babies love looking up and watching things. We love this mobile because you can move it from the Rock N Play to the crib to the car seat very easily.
  9. Play yard– The one we got is actually an entertainment center that can be adjusted depending on a child’s age/stage. At this stage we used the play mat and play yard that they can lay under.
  10. Teething toys– My 6-12 month post is going to consist of a lot more toys but right now I highly recommend teething toys such as Sophie la Girafe, FanFan the Fawn, and Infantino Go GaGa Squeeze & Teethe Elephant.

Next month, watch out for my 6-12 month must haves!

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