Life Lately

I decided that these “Life Lately” posts will be fun to look back on to see how much our lives have changed.  What have we been up to lately?  Here is a small snippet of our life lately…

Our life revolves around these two cuties…

twinsThey sleep 10-12 hours every night but the day time is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!

I should also add that they’ve been sleeping in their room with no problems! Isn’t their nursery perfect?


We play…

How cute is this picture? London and Sydney are just amazing with the babies!
furbabiesI just recently stopped pumping.  I am proud that I made it to 6 months because pumping for 2 babies takes a lot of patience and dedicationspectraI’m extremely thankful for an oversupply of milk that allowed me to fill our deep freezer for the future!milkThey get 4-5 bottles a day…feed2
They take a few naps…nap
They play some more…play1play2
We read a few books…read
We love bath time but this is always a very timely process. bath
They’re eating “food”.food1food2We also make their food (healthier this way) so that can be time consuming.
There are lots and lots of diaper changes…  Don’t worry, I won’t put in a picture of that. 😉

We take a few million pictures 😉babyrelax
osutwins2twinsIMG_6596disneybabiessnowthiduckplay5We take walks…walk1walk2walk3We play some more…play23playplay5We take more pictures…twins5twins4

Lately, Judd and I have been working a lot.  My workplace is 2 hours away from our home so the babies and I spend a lot of time at my parents’ home (it’s in the same city where I work) and on the road.

The babies love staying with Lovey and Grumps! mom2And I think my parents love it too. 😉dadmomJudd and I are SO thankful for everything that my parents do for us.  parents.JPG6
These two babies just love their daddy! So do I, he’s pretty great!IMG_3472Trip planning is always going on in our home so we are currently discussing and planning our next 3 trips…tripWe’re in the process of converting our movie room into a playroom so that has been fun but a little stressful because I can’t decide how I want to decorate…movie1I’ve been getting a few posts on Instagram sponsored so I’ve been taking pictures for those.  Follow me @IVFTwinMomAdventures adJudd works out in our home gym a lot…gym.jpgWe will be moving in probably a year(ish)… I’ve been busy researching suburbs to move to. 🙂

Life has been treating us pretty well lately… come October I will officially be a stay-at -home mom (not permanently), our life is going to look very different then.  I’m looking forward to spending less time on the road and hopefully I can catch up on our Mixbooks (scrapbooks)!

I thank God every day for making me Camden and Ella’s mommy and completing our family. armsfullOur hands are full but our hearts are even fuller…us



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