Mutu System and Diastasis Recti


Today, I’m going to share my experience with diastasis recti and then “healing” it with the Mutu System.

I knew at 1 Week post partum that something wasn’t right with my stomach… I was almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight (thanks to pumping for 2 babies and a fast metabolism- thanks Mom!) but my stomach did not look right, it wasn’t fat it was just swollen and hard (like I was in the second trimester)! My husband and I went to my postpartum appointment and the doctor diagnosed me with diastasis recti. My doctor said he’s never seen a mother of twins not have it especially women of my small frame and often plastic surgery is needed (ummm what?!). Diastasis recti is also known as abdominal separation.  This is when the two sides of the rectus abdominis muscle separate, often during pregnancy. 

Mutu SystemAfter my appointment, I got into the car and cried because I knew plastic surgery just wasn’t for me but I also wanted to wear my bikinis again (we go to the beach and travel a lot).   After a few days of being upset, I started googling my diagnosis and found out that it can be often treated or “cured” with exercise.   During my research, I kept coming across the Mutu System.  The before and after pictures were incredible!  I decided that I should give it a try, it couldn’t hurt.

The 12 week program consists of daily full body workouts, core workouts, and a diet guide.  I will say that I wasn’t able to follow the diet guide because I was losing an insane amount of calories breast feeding two babies but I did do the workouts.   I was initally worried that it would be hard for me to find time to do the daily workout while taking care of my infant twins.  However, each workout ended up only taking me under 30 minutes which I was able to find time to do every morning while my babies were sleeping.  The exercises build on each other, so it’s not too intense right from the start.  It only took a few weeks for me to notice a difference both in the mirror and how I felt physically.  After the 12 weeks, I felt SO much stronger and my stomach was finally flat!  I honestly can’t recommend this program more to anyone with diastasis recti or anyone who just wants a stronger core!  A few other things I love about the program: you have instant online access, you have a lifetime membership once you buy the program, they have tons of FAQ’s and resources to help you, and the videos make it easy to understand how to do all of the exercises.

Here are two pictures from Day 1 of the program:


Week 6 (half way done):


My final day of the program: 


 I now plan to add the “core” exercises that I’ve learned to my normal workout routine which consists of cardio and weightlifting.   If you’re interested in the Mutu System check out their website or message me. 🙂

Update, I’m 18 months postpartum and still do these exercises.

IMG_8904 2.jpg

 Note: This post is not sponsored, this is 100% my opinion and experience with the program. 

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