Well, I am about 4 months late in posting this but I have a very good reason… Our greatest adventure is about to begin…we are pregnant with twins after years of struggling with infertility!  We are absolutely thrilled but I will talk more about that in the future!  This post is about the beautiful and unique country of Singapore!

I’m not even sure how to describe Singapore…  The newer section reminds me of Dubai with the over the top architecture, how clean it was, and the prices were astronomical.  However, when you leave the newer parts of Singapore, it becomes pretty seedy.

Once our plane landed, we went through customs (fastest customs experience ever), and then grabbed a taxi to take us to the Ferris Wheel.  I know all the big cities are building these now but I hate it because it’s taking away from the London Eye.


We then headed towards Helix Bridge.


We had fun taking pictures on the bridge.  We made some friends from China while taking a picture and they even asked to get a picture taken with us, they kept calling us “honeymooners”.



Our next stop was the Marina Bay Sands or often called the “The Boat Hotel”.  Marina Bay Sands contains a hotel, a huge mall, restaurants, and a boardwalk with gorgeous views.


Walking around the mall! We didn’t buy anything because we found out they don’t take Visa and we didn’t bring enough foreign currency.  Plus, everything was VERY expensive.


Enjoying the breathtaking views from the boardwalk!


This was one of my favorite meals in Thailand and Singapore.  It was just chicken and vegetables with rice but it was delicious!

Our next stop was my favorite in Singapore…  Garden by the Bay.


This attraction is 2 huge glass domes filled with plants, waterfalls, and bridges!  It is truly breathtaking.



We paid a little extra to go up in the Cloud Forest in the Gardens.  This is exactly what it’s called, we felt like we were in clouds in the middle of a forest.  It was incredibly beautiful!  It just happened to start pouring while we were up there and since the dome is all glass, it got really foggy.  It was such a unique experience.


Afterwards, we walked around the outside of the gardens.


We then headed out of the newer part of Singapore and into Chinatown.


Chinatown is exactly what you’d expect it to be… tons of restaurants and shops.  It was fun to walk around but I prefer San Francisco and London’s Chinatown the best ! 🙂


Our final stop was the Hindu Temple.  It was pouring down rain at this point so we only stopped for a few minutes.  It was a very unique building with a lot of color and things to look at.

I realized Judd must not have been in a photogenic mood, he took most of the pictures!!

If you go to Singapore, I don’t think you need to stay more than a day or two!  The metro (and city) is very clean and really easy to navigate.  If you haven’t been, definitely add this country to your list!

I have two more trips to write about and then my blog might be turning into mostly a mom blog!

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