Costa Rica

We just recently got back from an incredible week in the gorgeous Costa Rica!  We travel frequently but this is the first truly relaxing trip we’ve had since our honeymoon, our trips are usually nonstop adventures.

We flew into Liberia and spent half the week in the rain forest in Bagaces and the other half at the beach in Tamarindo.


We drove all around Costa Rica, it was safe and fairly easy to navigate!   First up, the rain forest in Bagaces!


If you want an experience like no other, I highly recommend staying at Rio Perdido.  This resort is in the middle of the rain forest and guests stay in luxurious tree bungalows.  The staff goes over and beyond to ensure you have a great vacation!



There are only 20 bungalows so it’s very private and quiet!

Here are a couple of pictures of the inside of the bungalows.



The pictures don’t portray how nice the bungalows really are!  The linens, toiletries, and amenities are pure luxury!  We even liked their toiletries so much that I ordered some to be sent home!

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful resort:




This is where we ate all of our meals and the food is all organic and delicious!

There are tons of activities to do here: white water tubing, hiking, zip lining, relaxing in hot thermal springs, relaxing at the spa, biking, and swimming in one of three pools.

We were really tired our first day so we relaxed in our bungalow, watched the monkeys from our porch, ate an early dinner, and slept for 12 hours!



If you look closely at the three pictures above you can see the monkey’s hanging out in the trees!

The next day we felt completely refreshed so we decided we should do something adventurous!  We went white water tubing and it was an absolute blast!!! We actually considered doing this twice! Here are a few pictures:




Later that day, we took a short hike to the hot thermal springs/mud bath.  This was very fun and peaceful!



Not the best picture of us!  The water was really hot!


The next morning we went on a hike.  The landscape was beautiful but but we ended the hike early because it was 100 degrees!




We saw an anteater!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out by the pool.

DSC01473My redheaded husband hiding from the intense sun!


Half way through the week, it was time to check out of Rio Perdido.  😦  We headed towards Tamarindo Beach.  On the way we stopped at the Llano de Cortes Waterfall!


This is a must see if you’re ever in Costa Rica!  It took my breath away.



We spent the afternoon at the falls: swimming, relaxing, and climbing behind the falls.

We then headed towards Tamarindo Beach.  Tamarindo did not disappoint, it’s one of the nicest (if not the nicest) beach towns I’ve ever been too.  It’s an upscale surf town completely filled with Americans.


The main street has tons of restaurants and shopping.

The rest of the week was spent relaxing by the pool and beach.


Views from the infinity pool at our hotel


We even attempted to surf!


All guests at our hotel had access to a private beach club.  We spent one afternoon here!


Taking a walk on the beach before dinner.  We had the best dinner that night!  Seafood and steak right on the beach!





The sunsets here were incredible!

If you ever travel to Costa Rica, I highly recommend renting a car and spending half the week in the rain forest and half the week at the beach!


We are already talking about our next trip to this beautiful country!  Until next time Costa Rica… PURA VIDA!

3 thoughts on “Costa Rica

  1. My husband and I are considering vacationing in Costa Rica. What hotel did you stay at near the beach on the second leg of your trip? Our other option is Belize. What are your thoughts?


    • Hi there! I don’t recommend the hotel we stayed at, we didn’t have the best experience at the hotel but I highly recommend Tamarindo Beach! I’ve been to Belize and it has beautiful snorkeling but for a vacation, I 100% prefer Costa Rica. 🙂


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