Texas and New Orleans Road Trip

Judd spent a month this summer in Oklahoma City for work. Once he was done, I flew out there to drive home with him (it’s a long drive home)! We decided to go a tad out of the way and take a road trip to places we’ve never been. We spent 5 days exploring Texas (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston) and Louisiana (Baton Rouge and New Orleans). We had a blast!


This is the route we took.

Our first stop was Dallas! The city was nice and the people were very friendly!


JFK Memorial


6th Street Museum


Where JFK was shot

Our next stop was Austin. The city of Austin and the suburbs are GORGEOUS!!!!


State Capital


We then went to Lake Travis to eat lunch at the Oasis.


If you’re ever in Austin, I highly recommend this place! The views are incredible.

Then we went to San Antonio.


The Alamo


We strolled along the River Walk which is beautiful.


Gorgeous area!

We spent the next day in Houston. This was definitely our least favorite city. The city itself is confusing to navigate and traffic is horrendous! On top of that we got a flat tire.


I will say we were amazed by the hospitality we received while on the side of the road. Someone brought us water bottles, several people asked if we were alright, someone offered to let us sit in their a/c for a little bit (it was 100 degrees), and someone even helped me find a tire place.

The next morning we were very ready to be out of Texas! We woke up early to start our journey to Louisiana.


Our first stop was Baton Rouge and visiting LSU.

After spending a few hours in Baton Rouge we headed to New Orleans! People warned us that we probably wouldn’t like New Orleans because it was dirty and smelled. Turns out, we ❤ New Orleans!

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in the French Quarter right on Bourbon Street. If you go to New Orleans, I highly recommend this place! It isn’t cheap but it has the perfect location and it’s beautiful!


We had just checked into the hotel and were very excited to explore!


Our first stop was to check out Café Du Monde. All I have to say is yum, yum, yum!


Delicious beignets!


You could walk for hours in New Orleans, there is so much to look at.


We each had a strawberry daiquiri and explored the French Quarter.


We hung out by the pool on the roof of the hotel before heading to bed.

We had a great trip but after 5 days of driving and the hot temperatures in Texas, we ready to be home! 🙂

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