Our Amazing Race: Portugal and the Netherlands

Our last two stops were Lisbon, Portugal and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Let me first say how excited I was to travel to Portugal! The pictures looked beautiful.  We had a great time in Portugal, but it  wasn’t as pretty as I was expecting and I didn’t realize how far you had to travel from Lisbon to get to the beach.


Here is an old fort/castle right on the water. It reminded me of building sandcastles as a child! 😉


We ate lunch along this street one day. This is the main shopping/restaurant area in Lisbon.


Our second day in Portugal was relaxing. We spent the entire day at the beach!

Now on to Amsterdam!!!


This city is beautiful! It reminds me so much of Venice with all the canals but without the Mediterranean feel.


Just being tourists and exploring!


Such a pretty city!


Here Judd was trying to find some Nutella gelato for his wife! 😉 He was successful!


Red Light District. It wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting.



We visited the Anne Frank House.


At the Rijksmuseum to see the iAMsterdam sign.


Being a child at heart, Judd had to climb on top!


Aren’t these cakes amazing?


We loved Amsterdam!

Our Amazing Race (11 countries in 16 days) is over but we will never forget this incredible adventure!

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