Our Amazing Race: Morocco

We got to visit a continent that we’ve never been to (Africa) and a new country (Morocco)!

We actually stayed in Malaga, Spain and traveled to Tangier, Morocco by ferry.  While planning this trip, I wasn’t impressed by the hotels in Tangier, so we decided to spend the nights in Malaga.


Morocco is such a great country to visit with an unique culture.


I love traveling the world and being married to this man!


Just walking around town!


Saying hi to a local camel.  We went on a camel safari in Dubai so we decided not to ride them in Tangier!


We had a traditional Moroccan lunch with music!



 We really enjoyed this and the food was actually delicious.


The decor at the restaurant was gorgeous!


We went to a carpet store.  We didn’t buy anything because its not really my style but they were beautiful.


More shopping.  I love shopping in unique places like this! We rarely go in to the standard souvenir shops where you can buy t-shirts and teddy bears, you can do that anywhere!

Aren’t these buildings so cool?

Now on to Portugal and then finally the Netherlands!

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