Our Amazing Race: Spain

The next country on our list was Spain! I’ve wanted to come here for years! We flew into Barcelona and stayed here for two nights. I could not have been more in love with this city! Below are pictures from Barcelona.


Behind me is Casa Mila. A guy by the name of Antoni Gaudi designed several of the most famous tourist attractions in Barcelona. We visited several of the places he designed. This was one of the places, notice there was not one straight edge.


La Sagrada Familia Church also known as the “sandcastle church”. This was also designed by Gaudi.


 Isn’t it beautiful?


This picture is from Tibidabo Hill. This hill has a beautiful amusement park and church with gorgeous views of the entire city.


The amusement park and church


Casa Batllo- Another one of Gaudi’s masterpieces. I loved all the tiles!


We spent an afternoon at Barceloneta Beach. This wasn’t the prettiest beach I’ve been to but it was fun!


In my last post I mentioned that Barcelona won the UEFA Finals. While we were in Barcelona the entire city was celebrating.

DSC01051 DSC01059 DSC01058

There was a parade with the players’ one of the days. It was so much fun to watch! I thought Americans were crazy about sports but they don’t even compare to Europeans and soccer!


My favorite place in Barcelona was the Park Guell. This is another one of Gaudi’s masterpieces. It was originally going to be a neighborhood with houses but a lot happened and now it is just a BEAUTIFUL park! Judd and I got a little picture crazy here, below are more pictures!






Now on to Malaga, Spain and Africa!

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