Our Amazing Race: Germany and Poland

Our final cruise destination was Warnemunde, Germany. We actually left the cruise a day early because we didn’t want to go to the last stop, which was back to Copenhagen.


From Warnemunde, we took a train to the cute little town Rostock.  This is exactly how I pictured Germany!

After exploring Rostock, we took a train to Sachsenhausen. This was a concentration camp during WWII. It was a very emotional couple of hours. Below are pictures from the camp.

DSC00918 DSC00923 DSC00928 DSC00932 DSC00933DSC00929

From there we took a train to Berlin.


I had to get a pretzel since we were in Germany!


The Berlin Wall was very cool to see!


Checkpoint Charlie


Brandenburg Gate


The entire time we were in Berlin it was crazy! The European Soccer Finals, UEFA was going on while we were there and the entire city was in party mode!


On my birthday we went to Slubice, Poland for a couple of hours. It was an adorable little town.

Barcelona ended up wining the UEFA and that just happens to be our next stop!!!

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