Our Amazing Race: Russia and Estonia

The main reason we went on this cruise was because Judd has always wanted to go to Russia. Russia is the first country that we’ve traveled to that we needed a visa to enter. After much research, we found out that you can either go through the lengthy process of getting a visa or you can book a tour in which they will do the work to get a blanket Visa for you. I decided to book a tour, it was VERY expensive but it was worth not dealing with the hassle of dealing with the Russian government.   The tour company we chose was T&J Travel, I was blown away at what a great job they did!


We spent 12 hours in St. Petersburg and loved it!


Our first stop was the Church of Savior on Spilled Blood. Judd and I also call this the “famous colorful ice cream church” (the top looks like soft served ice cream to us). 😉


Then we went to the Hermitage, one of the largest museums in the world!


Next we went to the beautiful Peteroff Palace!



The palace was breathtaking!


Walking through this fountain is supposed to bring us good luck! We got very wet, I’m hoping this makes all of our dreams come true!



Then we visited the gorgeous Catherine Palace.


The Catherine Palace is known for its Amber Room. I actually wasn’t supposed to take a picture, opps!



We finished the day by doing a little shopping. This shop was so fun!


Everyone told us we were crazy to visit Russia but we LOVED it!

The next day we visited Tallinn, Estonia.


 Tallinn is a cute little city with lots of restaurants and shopping.


The Old Town is beautiful!



There were beautiful gardens everywhere!


Judd loved this little dungeon bar!


I love this guy!


This city was very pretty and reminded us a lot of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Now on to Germany!!!

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