Our Amazing Race: Denmark, Cruise Embarkation, Sweden

From Iceland we flew to Copenhagen, Denmark. What a beautiful city!



We took a stroll through the GORGEOUS Nyhavn Harbor.  This was absolutely breathtaking, so many colors and so much to look at.


We then continued our stroll down the main shopping district. There was always something to look at with all the shops, people, and entertainers.


One of my all-time favorite movies is The Little Mermaid. Copenhagen has a beautiful Little Mermaid Statue. I made Judd walk miles while carrying luggage to see this statue!


Beautiful government square with soldiers.  This reminded me of London!


In Copenhagen we got on our cruise- Costa Favolosa . This is our second time on Costa Cruises. We’ve been pleased both times. The food is good, the ship is clean, and the staff is helpful.

My favorite things about Costa are the food and the places the cruise line goes! I LOVE how Europeans eat: Pastries and sandwiches galore for breakfast and a large cheese plate after dinner.


We want to see as much of the world as possible since we both have a crush on the world. 😉 Both times we chose this company because of the places the cruise stopped (actually that’s always why we select a cruise).  The cruise itinerary is usually very busy with long days at each port, we love this!

Below was our itinerary:


However, nothing is perfect.  Since this is an Italian cruise line,very few people on these cruises speak English.  Our boat had 3,500 people and only 30 of these were Americans! We go on cruises for the destinations. If you love the cruise experience and love going to the shows/entertainment, this is not the cruise line for you because nothing is in English.


Our first stop on the cruise was Stockholm, Sweden. This city is expensive but GORGEOUS!


We walked through a farmers market.  I love farmers market. I love the smell of the fresh fruit and veggies!



Beautiful views along the water


This is a government building that also looked like a castle


Royal Palace


We had a blast! We loved Copenhagen and Stockholm!  Now on to Estonia and Russia!

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