Bri’s Green Smoothies

I finally found a way to get my husband to eat fruits AND vegetables…green smoothies! It’s taken me a long time to come up with a smoothie recipe that he likes but I finally came up with one.


Ingredients (this makes 4 smoothies about 180 calories per serving):

-2 bananas
-3 cups frozen berries
-2 tablespoon sugar OR vanilla extract
-4 cups VANILLA almond milk (I bought the wrong kind in the picture below)
-4 teaspoons flax-seeds (so good for you)
-4 handfuls of greens (I buy Simple Truth Power Greens)



1. Put greens in first followed by flax-seeds and almond milk
2. Blend (I blend these first because its really hard to blend the greens well when you mix everything together at once)
3. Add fruit and sugar
4. Blend
5. Enjoy!

Keep in mind this is for 4 servings at 180 calories each and are a meal replacement. I make the smoothies and then freeze them. If I’m planning on having a smoothie for breakfast, I take the smoothie out of the freezer the night before and put it in the fridge. It’s perfect by breakfast time!

I found these adorable blue mason jars at Target. They sell lids and straws too. They are perfect for smoothies! Everything is freezer and dishwasher safe! We love them!!!


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