Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island

We just got back from my birthday trip to Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island!  It was a vacation we won’t ever forget!  We chose this resort because of how beautiful it looked and how much the resort had to offer … Continue reading

Family Pictures 2018

I’m finally sharing our family pictures that we had taken in November! It was always a dream of mine to get family pictures taken on the beach.  I am so happy with how these turned out!  A HUGE thanks to Tiffany Hicks Photography!

The crazy part about this is we (our amazing photographer included) didn’t know how the photos would turn out because we got attacked by beach gnats during this session.  When I say attacked, I mean it…hundreds were biting us every minute, the kids were screaming, we were sweating, it was absolute chaos!  When Tiffany emailed these to us, I was in awe! thp_8137-x3thp_8122thp_8051thp_8060thp_8087thp_8103thp_8127thp_8157thp_8155thp_8171thp_8182thp_8144thp_8152thp_8170thp_8114thp_8119thp_8205thp_8168thp_8177thp_8098thp_8040thp_8046thp_8160thp_8161thp_8179thp_8180thp_8189thp_8278thp_8259thp_8154thp_8233thp_8027thp_8120thp_8047

I just love this little family of mine SO darn much!!